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How do you define sex?Do you receive unwanted magazines at your home? I receive a stack of magazines I never ordered or paid for. This week a heavy Glamor magazine showed up in the mail.  I was about to throw it in the trash when a title on the cover caught my eye . . . “I’m not straight, and I’m not gay . . . I’m just me” Uncensored: how women are redefining their sex lives.  This definitely got my attention and a raised eyebrow. Gary Coleman’s famous line came to mind “Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?”

Now as a Christian with a definite view of sex this title brought many questions to mind. Yes, you are you, but you are either straight, gay, or bisexual according to the terms of our culture. I decided to take a few minutes and find out what these women of today were saying about sex according to Glamor magazine.

Three of the eight women featured shared they had some kind of religious upbringing. One declared being celibate, because she had no desire for sex. However, she had dated a guy she really cared about, and considered him the “perfect guy” for her. He broke up with her, because she would not have sex with him. I find this story so sad.

Two of the women spoke of “sexual fluidity.” I had never heard this term before. I guess I have been married to long to know the term. In my opinion, it is sex with whoever you want, when you want. There is no commitment, no connection, no true intimacy or love involved.

Glamor Sex Survey Statistics

Are you surprised or baffled by those statistics?

I feel for these women. A few had a healthy relationship with their husband. Some of them talk about 75 or more sexual partners. It makes me wonder what they are searching for.

In the 60’s a sexual revolution occurred, and people defied the traditions of the church and so called antiquated rules of the Bible. The sexual revolution brought on many unwanted pregnancies of people either to young, unable to, or did not want to take care of a child.  In the 70’s abortion was portrayed as the rights of the woman to choose for her body.  The 80’s until now has brought on more sexual changes in our culture. Homosexuality has become more of the norm and accepted by our culture than in generations past.

You may ask or wonder, but “Why does God care about our sexual lives?” The same reason God cares about the rest of our life. He desires obedience to His Word.  But is God a control freak who does not want us to have any fun or enjoyment in life? No, God is the creator of sexual pleasure. He is bigger and more complex than the smartest people could ever comprehend.

If you read the Bible, you see none of this is new. The angels who visited Lot, were wanted by the men of the Sodom to sleep with (Genesis 19:1-29 Click on the link to read the scripture). King David had many wives and concubines, and stole someone else’s wife to sleep with. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Then if you read in Romans 1:18- 32, Paul shares what is going on in the culture of his day. Homosexuality was rampant.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NLT) tell us “History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.” Do you think God ever tires of us repeating the same sin over and over again? My infinite God loves me infinitely more than I can think or imagine. He never tires of teaching us and show us His love.

What’s the big deal?

“Sex is just a recreational activity like riding a bike.”

“Who cares who I sleep with as long as I am not hurting anyone?”

This is where God has definite standards. Many people in the Bible failed to follow God’s standards for marriage. When you allow the institution of marriage to crumble, then the family unit crumbles.  As a society and culture we are on a fast track of destroying what God designed as sacred and beautiful for temporary pleasures.

Many people do not like rules, and think they do not need to live a life with “rules or regulations.” God gave us rules and standards to live by, because He loves us. Many people view God’s rules on sex and marriage as restrictive and confining.

How do you define sex?

The culture of today believes God’s rules on sex and marriage are outdated and intolerant. Yet the opposite is true. God is the creator of sex and marriage. When a man and woman come together in a sexual relationship a bond is created between them. When the relationship is betrayed or broken, the bond is painfully ripped apart.

God desires the best for us, but unless we are in an intimate relationship with Him we will fail to see the beauty in a covenant relationship with our spouse. We will never know the joy of a lifelong commitment to one person.  The definition of sex has been the same since creation. Man (All of humanity) with the help of the enemy has twisted and perverted what God designed for our pleasure and our joy in a marriage relationship.

Do you know why God cares about your sex life?

God has lovingly given us guidelines, requirements, and commandments to protect us from harm and evil from the enemy. God desires our obedience to Him to show him voluntarily how much we love Him. God is not looking for obedience for the sake of being obedient. He desires our obedience to be out of love for Him. Our sex life is a reflection of our love for God.

He loves us so much He will allow us to fail and go down our own path. He gives us the freedom to choose to follow Him or not.  No matter how far away we go He still loves us, and will wait for us to return to Him.

Our sinful nature does not naturally desire to be obedient to God. It takes practice to live for Him, and the power of the Holy Spirit gives us His desires.

How did you react to the Glamor survey statistics?

Please share in the comments below.

** Stats are taken from this article. You can read the full-article at  Are You Straight, Gay, or Just…You? I think it is good read things we don’t agree with to know how other people view the world.

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