Do you want love? 

couple for Marriage PostWhich do you prefer? Someone to show you love voluntarily or someone to be nice to you out of obligation? Did your mom ever tell you to hug your brother or sister to make up after a fight? How many of those hugs were displays of real love from your brother or sister? I am guessing not many. As soon as mom turned her back, someone probably stuck their tongue out at the other one.

David gave Solomon the throne, blessing him with a prayer as he handed over the kingdom. He gave him specific instructions to follow, as well as his own godly example for ruling. Solomon did many great achievements as king over Israel, and God blessed him financially as well as with wisdom. 2 Chronicles 8:15 says, “Solomon did not deviate in any way from David’s commands concerning the priests and Levites and the treasuries.”  (Read more of the story here – 2 Chronicles 8:11-16 )

Solomon’s Disobedience 

Solomon chose in many ways to obey God, because he loved God. However, you may have skimmed over verse 11. He married the Pharaoh’s daughter, and she was from a pagan country. In Deuteronomy 6:14, God instructs the nation of Israel, “You must not worship any of the gods of neighboring nations.” In Deuteronomy 7:2b-4 God instructs, “Make no treaties with them and show no mercy. You must not intermarry with them…for they will lead your children away from Me to worship other gods.”

A part of Solomon’s diplomacy plan was to make a treaty with a neighboring country and marry the king’s daughter to seal the deal. However so romantic! But this left an open door for the enemy to attack his blindside. You know how the enemy works. This was the perfect way to weaken Solomon.

What is your one thing? 

Do you work hard to please God in many areas of your life, but there is this one thing you struggle to obey? I have been there. In my eyes, the situation would work out better with my plan. However, God gives specific instruction in His word I am to obey, regardless. Even though I may have my quiet time every morning, give tithe and offerings, teach a women’s Bible study, but if I do not follow my husband’s instructions to not spend money on clothes right now, then I have disobeyed God. God asks me to honor and obey my husband, because I love God and my husband. My flesh struggles with obeying my husband. I struggle for many reasons, but the bottom line is who am I going to obey? God or my own desires.

After reading The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian, I realized by not obeying my husband I was not obeying God. Through reading God’s word and other Bible studies I realized how much God desired my obedience as an act of love towards Him. God does not desire me to obey merely for show. God desires my obedience from my heart not only from my head. God allows me to choose to obey and freely show Him my love. God loves a cheerful giver of love!

Which would you prefer: someone to be with you because they love you, or someone to be with you out of an obligation to take care of you?

Take Time Today

Read through the verses again, and really meditate on the thought of obeying God with all of your heart.

Where do you struggle to obey God completely with all of your heart? 
If you feel comfortable, share your struggle with us in the Comments
It may help someone else. 

Journal about this struggle and ask God to reveal to you ways to surrender your desires to His.

Depending upon your struggle this will be a process. Surrender your desires to Him daily. Little by Little you can overcome. We start off desiring to obey and move to obeying out of love for our Heavenly Father.

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