5 GIRLS RESCUED from Sex Trafficking

Photo Feb 17, 8 39 15 PMThanks to funds from the END IT MOVEMENT community, The Exodus Road was able to successfully complete Mission 100 Rupees in rural India. The field team’s investigation, including the collection of covert video evidence, enabled police to raid the brothel, arresting six and rescuing five women (including three minors). The youngest survivor was 11 years old.

Together, we are empowering literal rescue. Join us at TheExodusRoad.com

Special thanks to END IT MOVEMENT for funding the mission (EndItMovement.com), to Messenger International for providing the covert gear utilized (MessengerInternational.org) and to Remedy Drive for their advocacy and permission to use their song “Wings of the Dawn” (RemedyDrive.com).

Video work: ianbrandercinema.com/

Please be in prayer for these girls as they heal from this unimaginable ordeal they have survived. Pray for their emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. There are so many more to be saved… Did you know over 27 Million people around the world are in some form of slavery?    

What can you do?

Here is your small part you can play in saving people from all forms of slavery.

  1. Pray for the organizations mentioned above and in this video.
  2. Share this message to make people aware.  This is going on in America and all over the world.  This is not a third world problem.  This happens too many places too close to home!
  3. Donate to keep these organizations funded to do the job God has called them to do.

MUST WATCH: Raid Footage, 5 Girls Rescued from Sex Trafficking from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

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