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  WELCOME!! The Daily GPS – Grow, Pray, Serve will inspire you to live out your faith as you seek God daily through His Word, prayer, and service to Him by creating a powerful and meaningful life through the power of Christ. How I am going to serve you: Weekly Post to inspire, encourage and challenges your faith [...]

YOU Are God’s Favorite!

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Were you the favorite first-born child? Were you the favorite student in class? Have you ever been the favorite at work? We all love to be someone’s favorite. I am a middle child, and was not the favorite first-born nor the cutest baby of the family. My claim to fame is I am the “only [...]

Come Expecting

Do you get excited going to see a new movie? Why? What are you expecting? I love to go see new movies, and love when they are really good! As Moses was leading the Israelites through the wilderness, he was in constant communication with God. He is one of the few people in the Bible [...]

Dear Younger Me

  Take a minute and listen to this awesome song, if you have not heard it before.   A Beautiful Tapestry Every time I hear this song I wonder what I would tell my younger self. Have you ever wished you could go back and change a bad decision, take back hateful words, or hug [...]

Do You Like Rules?

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Do you follow the rules or make your own path? From the time we are born until we die we have rules to live by. Life is full of requirements and rules. Many people do not like rules, and think they do not need to live life with “rules or regulations.” My 15 year old [...]

Pull Up The Weeds!

A Guest Post By Brenda McGraw As Christians we wake up on good days, we throw out good seed into the world. We pour into the lives of others by encouraging them, speaking truth to them, loving them with hugs, smiles, kindness and sweet words. We share what we own with the poor and the [...]

Crazy Love of God

Have you ever been head-over-heels in love with someone? You could not get enough of them. No matter how long the date, you wished it would never end. In the book Song of Songs [Some translations call it Song of Solomon], the Shulamite woman seeks her lover, finds him, and shares her love with him [...]

The Dirty “S” Word

I have often called surrender the dirty “S” word. Surrender is so hard for most of us to do. Maybe this is why we have the verse “take up your cross daily.” God knew we would need to be intentional about surrendering to Him, and it is a daily battle for most of us. As [...]

Find Me With Maria I. Morgan

 Note: Today Maria Morgan Interviews me for her blog.  Here is the first part of the interview. See below for link. Welcome to Life Lessons, Joyce! Thank you for joining us. Tell us a bit about yourself: Thank you for having me here today.  I am a fun loving mom and wife who is crazy [...]

Unite with Me in Prayer – Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!!! Unite with me in prayer for all the Fathers around the world. Pray for the father who touched your life. Pray for the people who can’t love on their dad today, because he is gone. Pray for the people who never knew their father or he abandoned them. Pray for the men [...]

Does God expect perfection?

God loves you when you hurt someone else. God loves you when you disobey him. God loves you when you judge others. God loves you when you fail. God loves you when you let a friend down. God loves you even if your house is dirty. God loves you even if you didn’t tithe. The [...]


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