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Welcome to The Daily GPS!!!

  WELCOME!! The Daily GPS – Grow, Pray, Serve will inspire you to live out your faith as you seek God daily through His Word, prayer, and service to Him by creating a powerful and meaningful life through the power of Christ. How I am going to serve you: Weekly Post to inspire, encourage and challenges your faith [...]

Finding The “Joy Beyond” Our Pain

Today I have a special interview for you.  My friend Brenda McGraw has released her new book Joy Beyond.  She shares her story of “Joy Beyond” with you. 1.  When did you first discover that you were being called to write and how did you actually take it from just a thought and desire in [...]

God Chose You!

Today I have the joy of sharing with you an interview with Dayna Bickham! She is funny and full of life!   Her new book and workbook Chosen for Purpose release on April 1st!   You have 2 chances to win a copy of her eBook! 1) Leave a comment below & 2) Share this post on [...]

The Secret Of Olympic Champions

As I watched bits of the 2014 Olympics over the past few weeks, I am amazed at the abilities of these athletes. Figure skating is one of my favorite events, especially the couples figure skating, because to show grace and beauty takes great strength, time, and talent to accomplish together.  In the skiing events, I [...]

TMI !!! Are You On Information Overload?

Are You On Information Overload? In our information overload culture, keeping focus is one of the biggest challenges for most of us. We have many people and projects pulling at us each day. Yet,  when we take time to focus on a friend or family member we enjoy the laughter and times together.   Last [...]

Can You Stay Focused? … Squirrel

This year I struggled to find a word for the year, through prayer I asked God to lay one on my heart. December was so busy I did not have much time to think or ask about it.  After asking God to reveal a word to me, one popped out at me within a few days. [...]

Eat Your Wheaties!

  Eat Your Wheaties!   Are you hungry?  When is the last time you missed a meal?  I miss very few!  I may delay them, but I do not miss them.  I love to eat, and my body does not like it when I do not eat! Depending upon your age, you may remember the [...]

God, the Vegan and the Big Mac

God, the Vegan and the Big Mac A Note From Joyce: The past two weeks I shared my journey from 2013, Christa Sterken’s, and I have asked Renee Baude to share her journey.  I love to see how God moves in other people’s lives. Renee Baude is friend of mine.  She is a passionate writer, mom, and chef!  I [...]

From a Day Dreamer to a DREAM Chaser

 From A Day Dreamer To A DREAM Chaser a Guest Post by Christa Sterken A Note From Joyce: Last week I shared some of my journey from 2013, and I have asked a few friends to share their journey.  I love to see how God moves in other people’s lives.  Christa Sterken is a dear [...]

How did God move in your life in 2013?

What is your story for 2013? How did God move in your life in 2013? Before you run too far into 2014 take a moment to look back how God blessed and carried you through 2013.   I am reading Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. On Day 32 he challenges us to share how God [...]

Meet Pastor Samuel of India

Pastor Samuel contacted me last November after finding my website.  He shared his amazing story of how he came to know Christ as a child in an extremely poor village.   I share the complete story in iNeed God Bible Study. Pastor Samuel has dedicated his life to reaching the lost, feeding the orphans and [...]


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